3 Ways the Purple Line Stands to Benefit Prince George’s County

Monday, August 15th, 2016 @ 6:23PM

As many Marylanders already know, the Purple Line transit project is due to begin construction in just a few months. For many, including myself, the decades-long initiative to bolster public transit between Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties is a huge feat of public-private partnership for the local good of our two counties. In this blog, I would like to share some of the primary benefits Maryland will reap from the 16-mile light rail that will run from Bethesda to New Carrollton:

  1. Increased access to work for Maryland residents between between Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties.

Increased access to inter-county workplaces is by far the primary driver for this project. For this reason, I fully support the Purple Line as I believe it would provide better east-west transit service, particularly for lower-income workers who can’t afford cars.


A map of the proposed Purple Line routes including alternative alignments

  1. A light rail system will bolster transit-oriented development, creating thousands of new jobs.

As evidenced by the Washington DC Metro system, transit hubs (Eg: Metro stops) spur development and business activity in the immediate surrounding area. Bringing a light rail such as the Purple Line to our counties will create brand new communities of residents and business which will provide new economic development in our area.

Purple Line Now – a non-profit dedicated to seeing the completion of the transit project – states that “the Purple Line will create a vital and necessary east-west transit link through the Maryland suburbs, connecting employers and workers, encouraging investment in new transit-oriented development, and creating thousands of new jobs.”

  1. Public transit effectively curbs carbon emissions from cars and helps clean our environment.

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters advocates a larger-scale rail system to parallel the Capital Beltway and link all existing Metro lines at their peripheries. This environmental group advocates rail transit over car use because carbon emissions are a major risk factor for global warming.

Having earned a score of 100% from the MDLCV in 2015, I take pride in making Maryland a safer place to live by preserving our nature and wildlife. The Purple Line is a big effort towards taking cars off of the road and offering residents a more environmentally friendly way of traveling through our county.


Lastly, the Purple Line stands to represent one of the largest public-private transit partnerships in the US. Supported by experts and government officials alike, public-private partnership has been lauded by experts as a successful development model with real world benefits. The cooperation between private design, development and maintenance, and public funding insures that we all have an interest in making this project a success for Marylanders. Additionally, the light rail project is highly favored by our federal government which is why the Federal Transit Administration named it one of it’s most highly-rated projects.

This project’s widespread support evidenced in the many ways it will make our region better for decades to come is another symbol of accomplishment that I am proud to support for Prince George’s County.

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